Special Seafood HACCP Training Course

Nov. 8, 2018 - June 19, 2019

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Special Seafood HACCP Training Courses

These training courses in seafood safety will be provided to assist commercial compliance with HACCP requirements by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and respective state authorities governing commerce of seafood and aquaculture products in the United States. These are official Seafood HACCP Alliance courses certified through the Association of Food and Drugs Officials (AFDO). They are primarily intended for processors, wholesalers and importers that are required to develop and maintain HACCP programs and records. Other interests from harvest, aquaculture, retail, food service, education and regulation are encouraged to attend.


The courses feature a combination of discussions and actual exercises in developing HACCP programs working with the most current edition of the FDA Fish and Fishery Products Hazards and Controls Guidance – 4th Edition and new, related regulations that have become effective since 2016.

Special Features in these courses will be the latest, updated information and experience which is necessary for new participants and strongly recommended for previous participants that have completed prior, yet somewhat dated training courses.


All participants that complete the two-day basic training or the one-day segment two training will be issued a “Certificate for Official HACCP Training” for seafood and aquaculture products as recognized and recorded by the Association of Food and Drug Officials (http://www.afdo.org/seafoodhaccp), the leading professional organization of food safety authorites in the United States.


Anyone can attend, but ‘training certificates’ for completion of the Seafood HACCP Alliance/AFDO official training program will only be issued to attendees that have completed the initial requirements:

1. NEW PARTICIPANTS, with no prior HACCP training, must complete the initial Seafood HACCP Alliance Segment 1 Internet part of the course available through the official website, http://seafoodhaccp.cornell.edu/Intro/index.html.

2. PREVIOUS PARTICIPANTS that have previously completed an official Seafood HACCP Alliance /AFDO training course can attend to obtain an updated training certification. They must present evidence for prior certified training through an AFDO-recognized Seafood HACCP course.


Various locations throughout Florida – See radio button menu above


The registration fee (payable in advance) includes all costs for training materials, the new FDA Hazards Guide, breaks, training facilities, trainers, and the recorded and issued AFDO Certificate for HACCP Training (mailed to participants that complete the course). Persons with preferences or dietary requirements can bring food and drink.

Course attendance will not exceed 25 participants based on first registered. Additional courses will be arranged if requests exceed 25.


Contact the lead course Instructor, Dr. Steve Otwell, Emeritus Professor, Florida Sea Grant, University of Florida, otwell@ufl.edu . Instruction may include expertise from the food safety authorities within the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS).

Cancellation Policy: Registration fees will NOT be refunded unless prior arrangements are made with Dr. Otwell.


Bank Wire Policy: A US$30 fee will be applied to all registration fees paid by Bank Wire. If you will be paying by Bank Wire, please contact the UF Conference Department. This does not apply to credit or debit card payments.