Modern Protective Structures

July 15-19, 2019

Arlington, VA


The USA and many other countries have been adversely affected by wars and terrorism during the last half century. Furthermore, the World has been watching with great concern the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) in several geographic areas. Defending society against such rapidly evolving threats will remain a challenge throughout the 21st century. Any successful response to protect society from such incidents will require a well-planned, multilayered approach that strikes a fine balance between assuring a nation’s security and maintaining the freedoms that modern societies enjoy. 

This Modern Protective Structures short course will present the latest research on designing facilities to protect lives and property. It will also provide engineers and architects practical information on performance and design requirements for hardened facilities. In addition, a review of blast damage assessment issues will provide forensic and rescue personnel with information that is vital to rescue and investigative efforts after a catastrophic structure failure.

 The course will examine the following topics:

  • Conventional and nuclear weapon effects
  • Fortification science and technology
  • Analysis, design, assessment, and retrofitting
  • Industrial explosive safety
  • Antiterrorist design
  • Explosive hazard sources
  • Physical security
  • Blast damage assessment

The course will feature hands-on, guided analysis and design activities, including case studies and simulations. Participants will be given computer programs to assist in the analysis and design of protective structures, as well as a design manual and reference materials.

Sponsored by the University of Florida and the Center for Infrastructure Protection and Physical Security (CIPPS), and endorsed by the Society of American Military Engineers (SAME)