Southeastern Electricity Metering Association (SEMA) Presents

The 92nd Annual Short Course & Conference

Orlando, FL

November 6-8, 2017

Available Tracks
          Fundamentals of Metering

This track provides basic familiarity and understanding of the fundamentals of AC electricity. Instruction will include revenue meters, their components, common industry terms, rates and basic rate structures as they relate to the meter. Fundamental meter concepts such as Blondel’s Theorem will be discussed. This track is designed for new employees to all areas of metering including meter reading and disconnect/reconnect, conservation, and customer service.
Track Coordinator: Kim Clarke

Advanced Metering

This track provides exposure to topics polyphase meter applications and testing, reactive and Q-hour metering, pulse metering, field testing, and electronic meter software. There are hands-on sessions provided with meter testing, meter software, and site testing. This track is designed for participants who have completed the Fundamentals Track or who have gained experience in areas covered by those sessions.
Track Coordinator: Marcus Jenkins
Emerging Technologies
This track provides insight on cutting edge technologies in the electric utility industry as they pertain to the electric meter. Smart Grid, AMI, communication technologies, hardware technologies, and different technology/management philosophies are addressed. This track is designed for utility managers, communications and IT personnel as well as advanced meter technicians.
Track Coordinators: Les Smith  and Wes Caldwell

Meter Programming
This course provides exposure and insight to the various manufacturers metering software.  Each class will provide an overview and hands on for programing meters.  Students will learn how to both create and edit programs.  Attendees will need to bring their own laptop for class participation.
Track CoordinatorKim Clarke