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Power Negotiating: Getting to Yes 1-5PM

Apr. 26, 2019

Gainesville, FL

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In today’s business environment it is crucial to recognize the opportunities for negotiation in order to genuinely negotiate from a position of power, recognize what strategies are being used on you and to be prepared at all times for the unexpected. Skilled negotiators understand the four-step technique—evaluate, prepare, engage and package—to be successful when negotiating.

This highly effective program teaches how to always negotiate from a position of power using the BATNA formula (Best Alternative To Negotiated Agreement) through evaluation, preparation and engagement and how to always think on your feet when planning your counter strategy. Negotiation is an integral part of daily communication and this program offers excellent techniques to ensure you always negotiate from a position of confidence and power.



Jennifer Webb is an internationally recognized motivational speaker, author, consultant, trainer and coach, one of a prestigious group of women using magic as a technique to inspire, motivate and educate.

Jennifer’s extraordinary programs combine magic, psychology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Emotional Intelligence, accelerated learning, behavioral kinesiology and other interactive tools to reach people instantly with messages of inspiration and content. Her most popular programs are designed to propel thinking from challenges and frustration to “can do” and “possibilities. Her core message: Our attitudes and expectations create our realities and impact everyone around us; when we reprogram how we think we create the results we’re looking for.


Training Location

TREEO Center | 3900 SW 63 Blvd | Gainesville, FL 32608



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