Aspiring Women Leaders Conference

Ignite and Inspire

Inspiring Women Leaders Conference 

March 7-8, 2019

Gainesville, FL


The second annual Inspiring Women Leaders Conference is designed to promote the success of professionals by building collaborative relationships and a community of leaders. There will be many opportunities during the conference to exchange ideas and learn from the knowledge, and expertise of the highly talented speakers and presenters.

Developing leaders is an investment a company can make that will create loyalty and a deeper connection among their employees and this conference is an excellent professional development opportunity worth the investment. Companies that support professional development will increase the skill sets of their employees and pass on greater value for their clients.

Participating in the 2019 IWL Conference will allow you to:

·         Gain tools for developing your professionalism, new skills, and business contacts.

·         Learn how to become an authentic leader and overcome obstacles to leadership.

·         Increase your connections and boost your circle of influence.

·         Recognize bias and barriers and how to remove them.

·         Develop strategies to manage conflict, increase confidence and communicate effectively.

·         Identify steps for avoiding hidden obstacles, seizing opportunities and being seen as a leader.

During this conference participants will be both challenged and inspired to sharpen their skills, interact with others, and leave this event energized and eager to share their new learnings. Being a part of  this event will give participants a greater influence and opportunities to make a positive impact on their community, career, and home.


Call for Sponsors

You are invited to be a part of an exciting and unique event for the North Central Florida area –The Inspiring Women Leaders Conference (IWL). As a Sponsor you will play a vital role in ensuring the continuing success of this annual conference.

Your support as a sponsor demonstrates your organization's commitment to supporting the professional and personal growth and development of women in today’s workforce, at the same time being able to showcase your business’ services and products to a vast array of attendees, thereby giving them the chance toget to know you and your brand on a deeper level.

We hope you will consider being a sponsor, your support enables attendees to have a high-quality conference at a super affordable price.

Sponsorship Packet Coming Soon!