Excel and Elevate Leadership Series

Each 2-hour Virtual Module is 9-11am

Sep. 13 - Oct. 13, 2021

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You will receive the greatest benefit by registering for the entire series, however if desired you can regsiter for individual workshops as well. 


The Excel and Elevate Leadership Series teaches you the necessary skills to emerge as a highly effective leader armed with essential tools and strategies enabling you to lead confidently and build a collaborative and inclusive culture in your organization.

Generally, participants are individuals at supervisory and middle management levels of leadership, however leaders at all levels can benefit from this Series.

This series is recognized for its uniqueness and excellence in developing leaders from all walks of life who go on to make significant and positive contributions to their organizations and the communities in which they reside.

Each virtual session is two-hours in length and the pairing of two sessions in one week is considered one module. It is recommended to enroll in the entire Excel and Elevate Leadership Series for the greatest benefit, however you can register for individual modules as desired.


Sept. 13 & 15:  Building Rapport and Connection in Teams Through Storytelling by Taylor Williams  In this workshop, you'll learn ways to use the power of storytelling to build bridges and connection with your employees and clients. This session will include instruction on the "how-tos" of storytelling, mixed with discussion about the research behind why story works as a point of connection. We will learn about the ways we can use story to establish trust, make impact, and have lasting influence.

Sept. 20 & 22: Collaborative Decision-Making and Critical Thinking by Mark Bennett   Healthy organizations adapt to change and uncertainty by making wise decisions. Well-made, well-communicated decisions establish integrity, maintain7 accountability, build credibility, and earn trust. In this course, you will learn to follow a practical, seven-step process to tap the critical thinking of diverse perspectives and align a key decision with core values and guiding principles.

Sept.  27 & 29: Choosing Contrast by Tiffany Pineda  In this workshop, you will learn how to identify, explore, and embrace cultural and ethnic identities and to respectfully navigate the beautiful diverse world we live in today.  We will look at how our cultural and ethnic identities show up in our day to day lives and communicate your uniqueness while making it safe for others to show up fully as themselves.  We will develop skills that will make it possible to thrive in diverse workspaces.

Oct 4 & 6:  Compassionate Conversations by Leif Stringer  In this workshop, you'll learn the art of workplace listening and more. This will be an interactive session providing opportunities to apply the tenets of compassionate communication to difficult conversations and workplace conflicts. Communicating with heart strengthens relationships and improves flow.