Supplemental Dance Program Fall 2021

Aug. 23 - Dec. 8, 2021

Gainesville, FL

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Registration Fees
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Bank Wire Policy: A US$30 fee will be applied to all registration fees paid by Bank Wire. If you will be paying by Bank Wire, please contact the UF Conference Department.


Supplemental Dance Program (SDP) allows majors, non-majors, alumni, community dancers, and UF faculty who are not registered for a dance class through UF to take it through SDP with instructor permission. SDP was created to offer the student a chance to take a dance course only if they have exhausted options for taking the class through UF for credit. SDP cannot be used to replace a required course for graduation. SDP is handled by the BFA Dance Coordinator only.

Auditing a course also requires the permission of the instructor but is handled through Kevin Austin, undergraduate advisor, and the UF registrar.

SDP Guidelines

  • You will pay (per class/ per semester) the $150.00 Workshop Fee, which is very much a bargain and offered to current SoTD majors and minors.
  • Your fees are not refundable.
  • Participants agree not to hold instructors, school, college, or university liable for any injury or accidental mishap. Filling out a liability form is required. Contact Dance Area Coordinator for liability forms.
  • You must have the instructor’s permission to take the course through the SDP.
  • You will not receive academic credit for this class and it will not appear on your transcript.
  • Keep in mind that you are being allowed to take an academic class and, although you are paying for the class, there is the understanding that the emphasis and focus of the instructor will be on those taking the class for academic credit.  
  • It is assumed that you have made all the appropriate communications with the instructor of record for the course and understand your level of participation for the semester.  
  • Please be aware of the class syllabus for general information and/or the timetable affecting the class.   
  • For your safety and the continuity of the course, should you stop attending and try to resume after a lengthy absence, the instructor will determine your continued participation.  
  • If the semester has already started, you will be expected to sign-up and pay for the class in full immediately. 
  • Once enrolled, your fees are not refundable.
  • *If Alums/Guest Artists  are creating/rehearsing work with current program students, they may have fee waived. Liability Form is still required.


Registration Fees

SoTD Majors and Minors fee  $150.00  Workshop Fee
Community members, other majors, alumni fee  $225.00  One Unit Fee
 (for one credit courses)
Community members, other majors, alumni fee  $275.00  Two Unit Fee
 (for two credit courses)
Community members, other majors, alumni fee  $325.00  Three Unit Fee
 (for three credit courses)
Community members, other majors, alumni fee  $375.00  Four Unit Fee
 (for four credit courses)


CANCELLATION POLICY:  All Supplemental Dance Fee transactions are non-refundable.