Venom Week 2020

Mar. 4-7, 2020

Presenter Guidelines


Speaker Presentations are due on EXTENDED: Monday, March 2nd, 2020

**Presentations that miss the due date must be physically brought in to Venom Week 2020 on a USB flash drive**

  • The presentation must be created in Microsoft PowerPoint 16x9 -or- saved as a PDF presentation.

    • Invited Speakers have a 30-minute time limit including an audience discussion period.

    • Each presentation has a 15-minute time limit including an audience discussion period. 

  • Please review the schedule posted on the website and verify your name, presentation title, and scheduled time.

    • If there are any discrepancies, please email Brianna Blassneck at with corrections. 



Talks are scheduled in 15 minutes time slots, with the exception of Invited Speakers who will have a 30 minute time slot. Presenters should plan to use their time slots with 15 minutes of presenting their research and 5 minutes for audience questions. Presentation slides should be prepared and saved as either PowerPoint (16x9) or PDF. Please try to have your presentation finished and uploaded the day before your talk is scheduled.


All posters must be removed by the end of the conference. If they are not removed, the conference staff will remove them and they will be recycled.

Poster boards are 4' 10" Tall and 5' 10" Wide mounted on stands. Example of poster template: http;// As a suggestion, poster size should fit within these parameters.

Thumbtacks will be available onsite for mounting the displays.

As a suggestion, the font size should be no less than 14-pt for paragraph text and 18-pt for sub-titles. 36-pt text of larger is ideal for the poster title. San serif fonts are best for paragraph body texts. It is ideal to make posters readable form a distance.