Renewable Energy Systems and Sustainability Conference

July 31 - Aug. 1, 2017



Renewable Energy Systems and Sustainability Conference

July 31- August 01, 2017

Florida Polytechnic University



Monday July 31, 2017

09:00-10:00    On-site Registration (IST South Lobby)

10:00-10:15Welcome & Opening Remarks – Room: Aula Magna, 1000

                   David Norton, Director, FESC, VP for Research, University of Florida


                  Terry Parker, Provost, FL Polytechnic University


10:15-11:00 Opening Plenary Session – Room: Aula Magna, 1000

PLENARY-1: Garrett Nilsen, Technology to Market Program Manager, US DOE SunShot Initiatives, “Looking to the Sky – Solar Power Today and Tomorrow”


11:00-11:10 Group Photo at IST South Entrance Staircase


11:10-11:30 Coffee Break


11:30-12:00 Keynote Session I Room: Aula Magna, 1000

KEYNOTE-1: Thomas L. Hernandez, Senior VP for Strategy and Renewable Power, Tampa Electric/TECO Energy

“Generating ReNEWablePossibilities”


12:00-01:00Lunch-Informal Round Table Discussion – Room: Saddle Creek Logistics Commons


01:00-02:00 Keynote Session II – Room: Aula Magna, 1000

KENOTE-2: Gabriel Alsenas, Director, FAU Southeast National Marine Renewable Energy Center, “Pioneering a Blue Energy Future”


KEYNOTE-3: Subrata Bandyophadyay, Senior Manager, Environmental-Minerals, The Mosaic Company, “Sustainability at Mosaic”


02:00-04:00 Breakout Session I Room: Breakout classrooms



BIOMASS-1: Laura Belicka, Senior Scientist, Algenol Biotech., Algae-Based Biofuel Production in the Algenol Direct to Ethanol® Process


BIOMASS-2: John Kuhn, University of South Florida, “Processingof Gaseous Waste Streams to Renewable Fuels and Chemicals”


BIOMASS-3: Ian Small, University of Florida, “Brassica Carinata: A Biofuel Feedstock Ready for Takeoff”


BIOMASS-4: William Eggers, CEP, CWB, PWS, VP Science & Technology, AquaFiber Technologies Corporation, “An Effective and Sustainable Regional Surface Water Remediation and Biomass Production Process”


BIOMASS-5: Wilfred Vermerris, University of Florida, “Integrated Bioprocessing of Sorghum for the Sustainable Production of Renewable Fuels and Chemicals”


Solar Energy/Smart Grid/Energy Storage

SOLAR-1: Ngwe Zin, University of Central Florida, “Evaluation of Double-sided Pyramidal Texture for IBC Solar Cells”


SOLAR-2: Paul Brooker, Florida Solar Energy Center, Peak Shaving Applications Using EVs”


SOLAR-3: Zhihua Qu, University of Central Florida, Distributed Control and Optimization for High-Penetration Distribution Networks”


SOLAR-4: Rick Meeker, Nhu Energy, “Advance Control Increases the Value of Distributed Energy Resources”


SOLAR-5: Mike Aller, CAPE & Energy Florida, “Powering the Future from Florida – Combined Heat and Power Smart Grid and the CAPE”


Energy Efficiency/Sustainability

EFFICIENCY-1: Tim Franta, Energy Florida, “Unique Energy Technology Partnership at NASA Kennedy Space Center – The Test HUB”


EFFICIENCY-2: Eric Martin, Florida Solar Energy Center, “Smart Mechanical Ventilation Approaches for Improved Comfort, Energy Efficiency and Indoor Air Quality in Homes”


EFFICIENCY-3: Manny Garcia, Carrollwood Pools Inc, The System Approach to Designing a Low Velocity Circulating System”


EFFICIENCY-4: Richard C. Feiock, Florida State University, “Politics, Messaging, and Energy Conservation Behavior of Municipal Utility Customers”


EFFICIENCY-5: Nicoleta Sorloica-Hickman, Florida Polytechnic University, “Building a Net Zero Energy Campus and Culture at Florida Polytechnic University”


Education/Workforce Development

EDUCATION-1: Zhihua Qu, University of Central Florida, FEEDER, A Distributed Technology Education/Research Center”


EDUCATION-2: Juan Ordonez, Florida State University, “An Off Grid Zero Emission Building as a Connecting Block in Sustainable Energy Conversion Course”


EDUCATION-3: Mohammad Rashid, Florida Polytechnic University, “Teachinga fully on-line Renewable Energy Course


EDUCATION-4: Niroumand Hamed, University of Florida, “A Systematic Review on Green Architecture and Educational Environments”


EDUCATION-5: David Bruderly, Bruderly Engineering Associates, Jacksonville, FL, “So Climate Chaos is a Hoax?”


03:30-04:20 Coffee Break


04:20-05:00 Formal Round Table Discussions – Room:  Breakout classrooms

Biomass/Biofuel; Solar Energy/Smart Grid/Energy Storage; Energy Efficiency and Sustainability; Education and Workforce Development (Moderator + Recorder for this discussion)


05:00-06:00 Student's Poster Session– Room:  IST South Entrance Lobby, 1st Floor


06:00- Dinner on your own


Tuesday August 01, 2017


07:30-08:30 Continental Breakfast & Networking


08:30-9:10 Round Table Reports(10 min each) – Room: Aula Magna

Biomass/Biofuel; Solar Energy/Smart Grid/Energy Storage; Energy Efficiency and Sustainability; Education and Workforce Development (Moderator’s report presentation)


09:10-09:30 Coffee Break


09:30-11:30 Breakout Session II – Room: Breakout classrooms



BIOMASS-6: Fredy Altpter, University of Florida, Targeted Mutagenesis or Precision Nucleotide Substitution in the Complex Sugarcane Genome”


BIOMASS-7: Brett Bailey, President and CEO IVHCOand Global Clean Diesel, “Bio Fueled Vehicles for Sustainable Global Clean Transportation”


BIOMASS-8: Melba Horton, FL Polytechnic University, “PowerUp a Sustainable Future with Algae


BIOMASS-9: Steven Weil, CEO, Pure Algae Growth Systems, Pure Algae Growth Systems: A novel Technology for Large Scale Algae Feedstock Production”


BIOMASS-10: Donald Rockwood, University of Florida, “Fast Growing Trees for Bioenergy”


Solar Energy/Smart Grid/Energy Storage

SOLAR-6: Yogi Goswami, University of South Florida, “New and Emerging Developments in Solar Energy”


SOLAR-7: Rick Meeker, Nhu Energy Inc., “The Florida Alliance for Advancing Solar and Storage Technologies Readiness”


SOLAR-8: Nicoleta Hickman, Florida Polytechnic University, “Fabrication of Graphene Nanoflake Highly Conductive Inks”


SOLAR-9: Mohammad Rashid, Florida Polytechnic University, “Power Electronics Applications in Renewable Energy”


SOLAR-10: Jaspreet Dhau, FL Polytechnic University, “Encapsulated Phase Change Materials for High Temperature Thermal Energy Storage”


Energy Efficiency/Sustainability

EFFICIENCY-6: Jason M. Mickel, Southwest Florida Water Management District, “Creative Partnerships for Sustainable Water Supply Solution”


EFFICIENCY-7: Charles Withers Jr, Florida Solar Energy Center, “Evaluating Moisture Control of Variable Capacity Heat Pumps in Mechanically Ventilated, Energy Efficient Homes”


EFFICIENCY-8: David Keys, CEP, Owner, Enviro-Limit, “Why We Need Energy Analyses in the NEPA Process”


EFFICIENCY-9: Richard Blair, University of Central Florida, “Defect-laden 2D Materials for Enhanced Mechanocatalysis”


EFFICIENCY-10: Juan Ordonez, Florida State University, “A Thermodynamic Perspective on Energy Efficiency”


Education/Workforce Development

EDUCATION-6: Sesha Srinivasan, Ryan Integlia, Jaspreet Dhau, Florida Polytechnic University, Renewable Energy Systems and Sustainability Education and Curriculum Development”


EDUCATION-7: Ramona Madhosingh-Hector, University of Florida/IFAS Extension, “Building Sustainable Connections through Film Series”


EDUCATION-8: Scott Wallen, Florida Polytechnic University, “Circular Economy Paradigm for Sustainable Redesign of Introductory Laboratories”


EDUCATION-9: K.K. Bhasin, Panjab University, Chandigarh, India, “International Course Curriculum and Development on Green Chemistry, Engineering and Technologies”


11:30-12:00 Closing Plenary Session – Room: Aula Magna, 1000

PLENARY-2: Kelley Burk, Director, Office of Energy, Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services


12:00-Thanks and Adjourn