4th IAA Conference on Space Situational Awareness

May 8-10, 2024

Daytona Beach, FL


Background: Troy M. Morris

Troy leads business development, compliance, communications, and organization at  KMI, with Psychology/Behavior Analysis degree from Northern Michigan University (NMU) where he first worked with his now-co-founders. Presenting and publishing technical publications in multiple disciplines, he is sought as a speaker and commenter across industry, academia, and government, having previously led multistate business units at Snap-on Tools in $17 million annual revenue for critical industry before developing the multiple contracted company of KMI in Marquette, MI.





Background: Steve Lee

Steve Lee leads strategic content development activities at the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. He is currently focusing his unique combination of program management and strategy experience—in industry and in the Federal policy arena—to lead a staff team dedicated to growing AIAA programming for the aerospace profession’s rising opportunities and challenges in such areas as sustainability, burgeoning space economy, emerging new aerospace technology, and artificial intelligence. Steve has a keen eye for adapting organizations, policies, and people to new technology and security challenges, as demonstrated by his successful leadership of cyber and regulatory compliance projects in industry. He also coordinated business and talent strategy efforts to grow and sustain a Fortune 500 consulting company's world-class cyber workforce.

Steve previously provided senior-level expertise on physical and cyber infrastructure protection and intelligence program policy for client engagements at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), including analysis of threats to dams, energy, rail, transit, and other critical infrastructure. He has over 25 years of program management, critical infrastructure protection, and national security experience, including over 16 years supporting DHS and the Intelligence Community (IC), with analysis of cyber, terrorism, and weapons of mass destruction issues, and nearly five years in the U.S. Army. He has also served in leadership and sales roles in aviation and media organizations.