Real-time Functional Imaging and Neurofeedback

Feb. 12-13, 2015

Gainesville, FL

Poster Presentation Info

Please use the following guidelines for your poster presentation:

Presenters will be assigned a presentation day and a poster board number. On your assigned day please put your poster board up before the morning sessions start and remove from board at the end of the day. Poster board numbers will be posted a few days before the conference and provided to you during check-in.

-Maximum size of the poster board 4'10" high x 5'10" wide. The poster will be in landscape orientation. Please prepare poster to fit this size.

-Include title, authors, and affiliations

-Design figures, text and illustrations to be seen from 1-2 meters away

-Use color sparingly, primarily for descriptive purposes, remaining consistent throughout the poster

-Include a “take-home” message for each figure or table

-Minimize the amount of text in the poster

-Include Introduction on top left and Conclusion on bottom right

*Tacks to hang your poster can be found on your board. Please go to the registration desk if you need more tacks.