Swamp Dance Fest

July 7 - Aug. 3, 2014

Gainesville, FL

Young Dancers "What to Bring" List

Clothing and Footwear

• Enough dancewear to get through one week (laundry facilities in dorm)
• A set of black dancewear for the final showing
• Ballet slippers
• Pointe shoes if you have them (for optional pointe workshop)
• Jazz shoes
• Ankle high sneakers for Hip-Hop
• Kneepads
• A sweatshirt, sweater or light jacket
• Clothes to wear to concerts (these can be informal)
• Bathing suit
• Umbrella or rain jacket

Health and Hygiene                                                                                
• Bath Towels & wash cloth
• Prescription or over the counter medicine
• Toiletries (i.e. shampoo, soap, toothbrush, etc…)
• Sunscreen
• Feminine hygiene products
• Dance belt
• An ace bandage
• Tape for your feet, if you use it
• Bandaids
• Extra contacts and/or glasses.

Other Items
• Cell phone or phone card
• Bankcard or enough cash to get you through three weeks
• Alarm clock
• Small fan
• Journal
• Extra pillow and blanket - one of each
• Camera and Video camera
• Videos of your own work to show and share
• Portable CD player or ipod if you plan to rehearse

Please note that this is only a suggested list. Please feel free to alter it to fit your personal