18th International Symposium for the Interaction of Munitions with Structures

Oct. 21-25, 2019


**If you are planning to attend the Tyndall Air Force Base tour please read the below requirements**

If you wish to attend this tour but have not registered for it, please contact Erin Dinkel at edinkel@ufl.edu directly.


ISIEMS Tyndall Tour Attendees,


All foreign nationals (non-US citizens) attending the ISIEMS Tyndall Tours must go through their country’s embassy to complete paperwork necessary for a foreign visit request to a U.S. military base (Tyndall Air Force Base, FL) [Foreign Embassy will know what paperwork to fill out]


When filling out paperwork with the embassies, attendees will need to know the U.S. Government Sponsor for the visit.

U.S. Government Sponsor: Mr. Brian Skibba

Phone: 850 283 6170


Alternate U.S. Government Sponsor: Major John Stiles

Phone: 520-275-5998


Also, please ask embassy, if possible, to send one foreign visit request for all attendees from each country (*Example: Germany: has 17 attendees*)


We apologize for the short notice.